3 Perks of Using an Analog Planner

Why should you consider switching to an analog planner? Here are three perks of using a paper planner.

1. Productivity Soars

A planner puts all your tasks in one place. This makes it easy to know exactly what needs to get done and not miss a beat! No more scrambling for a sticky note from two days ago or searching through your inbox to find a list of tasks. You won’t have to worry about the creeping feeling that something important has been forgotten. Instead, you’ll get to experience a sense of accomplishment that comes with checking something off your to-do list.

2. Keep your eyes on the Prize

Consider this scenario: You take out your phone to write something important down and an hour later you find yourself liking photos on Instagram, replying to emails, and calling your mom. Sound familiar? With a paper planner, distractions are minimized and you are able to see your task list beyond the screen. Also physically writing is more memorable than typing!

3. Learn more about yourself and how you work

With a planner, you have a log of what you’ve worked on, how much you’ve accomplished, and when they happened. What a great way to see how you work and what is important to you! This personal progress record doesn’t get lost in your phone notes. Instead, you can look back on your progress and work towards not just being busy but being productive.

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